Fund Structure

Magnolia’s Fund is structured as a private partnership. As such, investor funds will be pooled and the Fund administrator will calculate the net asset value (NAV) of each limited partner’s position monthly and deliver statements to each investor detailing the value of their position. Because Magnolia’s strategy purchases shares of publicly traded REITs, the value of each investor’s position can be precisely calculated monthly. Fund subscriptions and redemptions will be performed monthly so investors can liquidate their investment or add to their existing investment monthly. Fund subscriptions and redemptions will be executed at the NAV as calculated by the Fund administrator.

Net Asset Value Report

The following is the Net Asset Value report that the Fund administrator produces monthly that describes in detail the performance of the investment over the month, the quarter, year to date, and since the inception of the investment. This report is made available to each investor monthly and is accessible on the fund’s website. Each investor gets a username and password that allows them to access this report

monthly report updated

The above historical returns may not reflect the Fund’s future returns and there can be no guarantee that Investors in the Fund will not experience losses on their investments.